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Diving in Alor

To dive in Alor is an unforgettable experience. This area is renown as one of the best in the world. Look at the pictures galleries (click on top page), and you will have an idea of the biodiversity which meets here...

Alor reef is in an exceptionnal good health due to sustainable fishing practices traditionnaly used and strong currents. Surrounded by clear water, the visibility can reach more than 40 meters; great opportunity to apreciate the wide bio-diversity of the sea life, which hosts hundreds of species of small fish and pelagic , with a rich concentration of invertebrates, as well as hard and soft brightly colored corals.

Faced to this magnifiscience and luxurious nature, absorbed in the serenity and friendship of alor’s community, it appeared clear to us that we had to share the life of these seafaring people... In 1998 we started our adventure on the tiny and magic Kepa island.

With its volcanic origin, Alor offers great variety of topography : some outstanding walls, slopes, valleys, pinnacles, caves, bay, ...

Years after years, going all around the sea accompanied by his “guardian” Baba Sere, we discovered the strait of Alor-Pantar and we learned to forecast its so specific currents. Quiet or drift dives and muck-diving are all possible.

After thousands of dives, we are still delighted to guide you in this endless world of jewels.


Due to the central position of Kepa island, the dive sites are reachable between 5 minutes to 1h15. Some diving is also possible from the shore. Our diving boat is driven by Bram, Halung, and Pejer, all natives of the strait and knowing current tricks by heart...

We plan the dives according to guests’ wishes and current conditions. We propose usually 2 dives/day at morning time, but a 3rd dive or night dive can be organized. 1 up to 3 divemasters with great knowledge and experience of Alor area guide you.

Diving equipments

- Tanks aluminium 12L (DIN and international)
- 3 compressors Bauer-Capitano
- Regulator & BCD Mares, long wetsuit 3 mm, from XS to XL (10 sets)
- Oxygen first aid

All the equipments are regulary serviced for their best maintenance.

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